Here is where you get to meet every known lion in Nairobi Park. Please note that these data are owned by Michael Mbithi and Dave Mascall who have generously allowed us to share on the FoNNaP blog. Please share with your friends and celebrate the park, but do not use these identification cards for any commercial purpose or publication without approval.

Male #1

Male # 2

Male #3

Male #4

Male #5

Male #6

Male #7

Male #8


2 responses to “Lions

  1. Thank you Dr Kahumbu for incredible job you doing for saving our great heritage. For the first time to see African helping our beloved continent families. Is great honor to have amazing human being like you. We need more new generation of Africa to develop this such passion for conservation. We are so bless in Africa to have these amazing creature that share life with us for millennium. As African i really thinking what to contribute. Thank for these great job that you are doing in our beloved continent.

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