July Members Talk on 26th July 2014: Comparing four urban national parks

Dear Members,
This is a reminder about our meeting and talk on this Saturday

Guest Speaker: Dr. Frédéric Landy: Coordinator, Urban National Parks in Emerging Countries and Cities (UNPEC)

TOPIC: Comparing four urban national parks: Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Mumbai and Nairobi. A focus on wildlife management.

Venue: KWS Education Centre
Date: 26th July 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
The talk is open to all interested participants. Welcome all. For more information contact us.

Read more on the project on this link: http://english.upa-network.org/33,74,77,77,0/UPA-Network-Programme.html?PHPSESSID=ec4f0874fd74eb7f9f0262379392d823


One response to “July Members Talk on 26th July 2014: Comparing four urban national parks

  1. Hello members and stakeholders of Nairobi National park, just to mention but few, l would like to highlight my predicament regarding unfair motion passed by our current parliament regarding encroachment in the National park.

    Whilst reminding Kenyans and the rest of the World about the Global growing concern on the protection of animal rights and as well as natural environment, the current parliament without due regard to inarticulate stakeholders claim (fauna and flora) on 10th Thursday July allocated 38 hectares from Nairobi National Park for construction of the Southern bypass.
    While we understand that, the earmarked southern bypass route was grabbed by well connected people in the government and so far serious illegal development projects have been undertaken which the government would not wish to demolish save reroute the southern bypass through the park.
    In this regard, we are appealing to the government to understand that, the fact that fauna and flora in Nairobi National Park are voiceless, and that alone does not invalidate the legitimacy of their claim as they may be having very powerful claim like other articulate stakeholders which should be considered while any development project is being undertaken.
    Let alone the foregoing, Nairobi National Park is a colony of endangered species including 15 lions, few rhinos, rare antelopes birds and endangered floras such whistling acacia thorn trees which provide fodder to the few black rhinos in the park. Therefore encroaching the park by allocating 38 hectares of land to southern bypass would have a serious impact on the survival of the animals and natural environment.

    At this point, we would ask the government to evaluate the sustainable development of retaining the existing boundaries of our national park for the survival of our animals and natural vegetation against demolition of illegal structures constructed along the route earmarked for southern bypass by well connected land grabbers. Which one among the two options would be financially worthwhile for the government, given the fact that construction of southern bypass is mandatory for both economic enhancement as well as ease of pollution with the city of Nairobi.
    Let alone that, annual income from tourism takes a significant portion of our national budget towards making our annual budget friendly.

    In view of the above, we are calling upon the government to enhance good governance by demonstrating best practice on the allocation and utilization of public recourse. We further urge stakeholders of Nairobi National Park, including KWS, East African Wild Life, NEMA, International community, World bank etc. to veto the motion passed by current rogue Kenyan parliament. Thanks. by. John Bob Awiti – Migori County.

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