Our New Board Members – 2014

We had a successful AGM on Saturday 22 2014. We now have a new Board elected by members as follows:

The New Board 2014

1. Ali Tanvir – Chair
2. Patricia Heather Hayes – Vice-Chair
3. Steve Itela – Treasurer
4. Aliya Habib – Secretary
5. Akshay Vishwanath
6. Gareth Jones
7. Irinah Wandera
8. Lilian Mbindyo
9. Lucy Vigne
10. Michael Mbithi

Congratulations to our New Board Members and we welcome them aboard.

We are also grateful to the past Board members who will not be serving in the Board for 2014 and we let them know that without them and their selfless volunteering in the past year we would not have FoNNaP 2014. Thank you very much Anneke Osse, Rupi Mangat, Hugo Mouch and Gitonga M’Mbijjewe.

We are especially grateful to Paula Kahumbu who has steered the FoNNaP ship, as captain, for the last 3 years. We commend her for her chairpersonship, limitless service, hard work and contributions. Our achievements for the past 3 years are due her leadership and commitment to quality.

The new Board Members promised to work hard for a progressive year involving and engaging all members, the community, KWS and other stakeholders.

Minutes of the AGM will be circulated soon.

We look forward to a productive FoNNaP 2014.

Thank you for your continued support.


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