Dates for November and Topic of Monthly Meeting

We would like to request members who are have stall at different Christmas fairs if they could allow us to sell our Nairobi Park Guidebooks at their tents/stalls alternatively they could sell them together with their merchandise and get the 20% commission.
Please get in touch with me ( if you are interested and for more details.

Here are the details of our November Meeting.
Also shared are events from other societies.

Guest Speaker: Belinda Low Mackey, Executive Director of the Grevy’s Zebra Trust

Topic: Community-Based Conservation of Grevy’s Zebra

The Talk will focus on the threats to Grevy’s zebra and conservation actions being taken in partnership with communities, which include habitat restoration, facilitating access to water, research and monitoring and anti-poaching.

October: Saturday, 30th November

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Place: KWS Education Centre

Free Entrance for all. Welcome all.


The next Park cleanup will be on Sunday November 24. Please note that this month’s clean-up comes before the monthly meeting.
To confirm your attendance, please send us the following details to our email by Thursday 21st to facilitate the registration.
1. Name:
2. Car Registration Number:
3. Number of passengers in vehicle:
4. Which gate you will be using to enter the park:
5. Time entrance:


The next game count will be on Sunday December 01 and is open for registration.


One response to “Dates for November and Topic of Monthly Meeting

  1. Hello colleagues of Fonnap, whilst listing the agendas that you are intending deliberate on in the coming month, l would also wish to embed an matter which requires urgent discussion for sustainability of Nairobi National Park. Before l would continue with the same, let me congratulate the parties who participated in the process, particularly Dr, Kahumba who resolutely worked towards preventing Government economic measures ( dual carriage) intended to encroach the only National Park in World adjacent to the Capital city. As Nairobi National park has made the City of Nairobi to have mutually exclusive unique attributes.
    However, whilst encouraging you and your colleagues to keep up the good spirit and concerns on the national park, there is one bottleneck which pose serious threat on the biodiversity of the existing different species in the park. Linked with Mara game reserve / Serengeti National park wild best annual migration which enhances the breeding process, our animals in Nairobi national park should have size able migration path to Amboseli National on the South west of Nairobi National Park to enhance their breeding process.
    Restraint to migration by the emerged economic processes will result to extinction of several species in the next decade or so.
    In this regard, it is my humble appeal to you Dr. Kahumba to look for a acceptable framework and strategies in the creation of migration path for our animals to Ambose National park. This will create sustainable development as the current generation will reap the benefit from it in terms revenue collection ( tourism ) as well as maintaining the ability ( through increased breeding processes due to free movement ) for the future generation to reap similar benefit. This is refers to sustainability as the development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs.
    With the present set up where their migration path has been block by the economic activities between Rongai, Kandisi, Kiserian town and Kitengela town their continuity of existence for generation to come are highly doubtful and hence facing serious risk of extinction.
    Proper strategic plan should be put in place, to ensure that buildings constructed within the remit of migration path should be demolished and titles withdrawn. Proper fence should be erected both sides between Nairobi national park and Amboseli national park to restrict land grabbers. This process would requires adequate funds for compensation of lost properties and fencing the migration path. It is also inline with protection of animals right against economic processes. Therefore we call upon the Government, Nema, Donor community, WWF, Word bank, EU etc. to come in and assist the sustainability of Nairobi National park through funding the project. John Bob Awiti. Migori County.

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