Upcoming Important Dates

July 27th, Saturday: There will be a monthly meeting for the members at the KWS headquarters, Education Centre. The meeting starts at 10.00a.m and expected to end at 12.00p.m. There will be a talk by Ikal Angelei.
Ms. Angelei is a Kenyan Politician and Environmentalist and has been named amongst 50 most influential Africans. She was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2012 and is the Program Coordinator of Friends of Lake Turkana which works to stop plans to build the Gibe 3 Dam in Ethiopia.

July 28th, Sunday: Park cleanup is any time of Sunday July 28th. To confirm your attendance, please send us the following details by Friday 26th to facilitate the registration.
1. Name:
2. Car Registration Number:
3. Number of passengers in vehicle:
4. Which gate you will be using to enter the park:

August 4th Sunday: There will be Park game count and all the members participating will convene at the main gate of the Park, Lang’ata, at 5:45 a.m. in the morning. Please send us the following details, if you have not yet done so, to facilitate registration. Confirm your attendance by 1st August.
1. Name:
2. Number of passengers in vehicle:
3. Car Registration Number

Email address: Fonnap1@gmail.com

Phone number: 0723 690 686


3 responses to “Upcoming Important Dates

  1. smart events these are.There is no time for ease and comfort;it is time to dare and endure.Let us keep our biodiversity in a safe and habitable environment.

  2. Hello colleagues and stakeholders of Nairobi National Park who are extremely determined and resolute to protect the beauty of Nairobi city together with its biodiversity. Nairobi town is a city in the sun with mutually exclusive attributes such as National Park which is located on the southern part of the city facing Ngong Hills and Amboseli National Park.
    Whilst city population has overstretched its limits within a short period of time, causing incessant traffic jam, consequently high pollution with energy wastage, the government has done a remarkable job on improvement of infrastructure in the city including Thika Super highway to facilitate quick economic activities in the City and beyond. While continuing with the process on the southern bypass, the bottleneck is our beautiful Nairobi National Park which we must protect through thick and thin.
    We need to remind the government that as much as we appreciate its economic activity to improve the infrastructure network in the city, there is significant social footprint in the southern bypass which must be considered. The construction of southern bypass through Nairobi
    National Park will not be sustainable as it will interfere with biodiversity (flora and fauna) in the park. Already it is evidenced in the ongoing construction of dual carriage between KWS gate and Bomas of Kenya Langata road. Baboons that used cross the road from the
    park to steal food from the near homes are now starving and more so they are being hit by speeding vehicles frequently on the highway.

    We need to remind the government further that an economic activity can only be sustainable when it does not impact on the environmental resources so that they continue to be available for future generation. Therefore the government should try to limit the environmental damage in the Nairobi National Park.
    We further request the government to shelve its plans to construct dual carriage between Bomas of Kenya through Ongata Rongai town to Kiseria town as this will have major impact on the biodiversity of Nairobi National Park. If the government must construct dual carriage between Bomas of Kenya and Kiserian let it be through Karen shopping center.
    In view of the above, l would call upon all stakeholders, youth, middle age, old age, international community, NEMA etc to veto southern bypass construction which will destroy the beauty of our National Park. Thanks. John Bob Awiti – Migori County

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