Battle for the Elephants at National Museums of Kenya, KMS

Kenya Museum Society (KMS) will be screening the Documentary film, Battle for the Elephants and followed by a talk on ‘The crisis facing elephants in Kenya and what we can do to stop the Killings’ by Dr. Paula Kahumbu.

Battle for the Elephants is a groundbreaking National Geographic film, aimed at exposing the criminal network behind supply and demand for ivory. It further explores the brutal slaughter of African Elephants for their tusks, fueled largely by China.

DATE: 15th June 2013

TIME: Refreshments served at 2:15 p.m, starts at 3:00

VENUE: Louis Leakey Auditorium, Nairobi National Museum

TICKETS: call the number 0724 255 299, 2339158

DONATION: KShs. KMS and FoNNaP Member 400; Guest KShs. 500; Citizen KShs. 200

Mpesa: 400800, account no. 6571570019



One response to “Battle for the Elephants at National Museums of Kenya, KMS

  1. I believe that this will be a good talk and film, thank you for the work.

    I however will not make it and would kindly request for a consideration change in the time schedules of such talks and films to accomodate those who work on saturdays mostly until noon-I do, and would be interested in attending the same.


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