Upcoming Events: June 2013 – August 2013

There are meetings every last Saturday of the month.

June 30th, Sunday: Park cleanup is any time of Sunday June 30th. To confirm your attendance, please send us the following details by Friday 28th June to facilitate the registration.

1. Name:
2. Car Registration Number:
3. Number of passengers in vehicle:
4. Which gate you will be using to enter the park:

Next clean up will be on July 28th and 25th August

August 04th Sunday: There will be Park game count and all the members participating will convene at the main gate of the Park, Lang’ata, at 5:45 a.m. in the morning. Confirm your attendance by July 30th .

PS: Only the first fifteen will be registered for the count.

1. Name:
2. Number of passengers in vehicle:
3. Car Registration Number:

During game counts FoNNaP members assist KWS in the counts and there are only a limited number of 15 slots only in every game count.  To avoid disappointment, it is best to register and confirm as early as possible to book your space. Another idea would be for the participants to car pool and register one car for a group of participants if possible!

To all the members participating in the park game count: Have seating space in your car for a volunteer guide who will be given to you by the coordinator.

Yours sincerely,
0723 690 686


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