We would like to thank you for attending the Annual General Meeting on 26th January and for voting in a new Board. The following were elected as the new Board, 2013:

  • Chairperson: Dr. Paula Kahumbu
  • Vice chairman: Ali Tanvir
  • Treasurer: Steve Itela
  • Board members:
  1. Lucy Vigne
  2. Hugo Mouch
  3. Saron Bogale
  4. Anneke Osse
  5. Akshay Vishwanath
  6. Rupi Mangat
  7. Gitonga M’Mbijjewe


    Rupi Mangat is the editor of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya magazine, Komba since 1991. She has been writing the travel page in the Saturday Nation magazine since its inception in 1998. She also contributes on environmental, arts and lifestyle for the The East African, published by Nation media. She will utilize hers skills and expertise from 20 years experience in writing nature articles that will take FoNNap to a greater height.

    Steve Itela works with Youth for Conservation and has been involved with FoNNaP for the past ten years involved in various projects. He believes that Nairobi National Park plays a critical support function to the cities environment thus the slogan “Nairobi National Park: lungs of Nairobi” if adopted could be used to raise awareness on the importance of the Park to the residence of Nairobi. He will be involved in membership recruitment and plan to engage youth in FoNNaP activities.

    Anneke Osse is from Netherlands. She will be on the frontline working vigorously on getting a better view of what membership FoNNaP have, what skills and expertise they bring, and how FoNNaP can effectively mobilize them when needed.

    Lucy Vigne is working in rhino conservation and she has particular interest in Nairobi National Park and she will continue with schools education programme which she initiated while in the previous board to create more rhino awareness and publicity.

    Hugo Mouch is an automotive engineer. He wants to put in efforts in making Nairobi National Park better and excellent. He will also be actively involved in membership recruitment drive.

    Saron Bogale is a new member of FoNNaP and is from Ethiopia and will be actively involved and supporting in FoNNaP in all measures.

    Akshay Vishwanath has been actively involved in FoNNaP activities and meetings and is an environmentalist with IUCN and becoming a Board member is a commitment to be more engaged in FoNNaP activities and Nairobi National Park.

    Gitonga M’Mbijjewe is in higher education in a local university and was in the outgoing board as the vice chair and due to commitments and long distance, being based in Meru, he has opted to remain actively involved in the capacity of a board member.

    Ali Tanvir is works at CFC Stanbic Bank and as the incoming vice chair is looking forward to harness the synergy of KWS and FoNNaP, executing current plans in place including photography competition, the calendar of events for the year, and volunteer park patrols.

    Dr. Paula Kahumbu, the incoming chair is happy to be on her third successful term as chair of FoNNaP and will work on mechanisms to retain knowledge in FoNNap that is the existing knowledge and expertise to be utilized and passed onto new comers in FoNNaP.  She will work on developing structures in FoNNaP that will let it exists on its own as a stable organization and work on creating a  great relationship with KWS as well as a steady source of funding as well as the sustainability of the organization.

    Urging all members and stakeholders to support the new Board members for a better year!


2 responses to “CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW FoNNaP BOARD – year 2013

  1. good afternoon.
    i send an email last week no reply called the mobile number no reply.
    I know Bryony anderson (director of fonnaps) very well and she wrote an introduction email to sarah but no reply.

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