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FoNNaP September-November Newsletter

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3 responses to “Download our Newsletter

  1. Hi, we recently bought our Friends of NNP membership. We were told that we would have free access to the park anytime and would receive an email with events, etc. Neither of which now see to true. WHere can I find updated information as to when we may visit the park?

    • Sorry for the miscommunication.

      Having access to the Park for free ANY TIme is not true. FoNNaP membership gives you free entry into the park during the Monthly Park Clean up an Bi-monthly game count. THe next park clean up is on 27th January and the Game count is on 3rd February.

      We regularly email our members and please email to so that we can have your correct email address to add to our mailing list.

      Nyawira Sarah

  2. I just read the article on Richard, the 13 year old innovator, who has found a way to save his cattle from lions with lights. I was thrilled; more so when I saw that he had been awarded a scholarship to further his studies. At a time, when the world is darkened by negative elements, it is beautiful to read that there are social organisations who acknowledge brilliance, and help its growth!!!

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