The Turere LED lights are an automated lighting system of lights flashing intermittently   that deters large predators – lions, leopards and cheetahs from invading livestock sheds in Kenya. This device was invented by now 12 year-old Richard Turere and modified by Michael Mbithi of FoNNaP. The system is being installed and put up in Boma shelters in Athi Kapiti by the FoNNaP Lion team. This is being done because not only is livestock predation a severe blow to rural livelihoods but it leads to indiscriminate retaliatory killings of large carnivores by the communities.

The unit’s usefulness here comes in its low cost, speedy installation and to generate faith among stock owners that predation can be mitigated without killing the predator. This buys time to study and advice on better bomas, and for the stock owner to put together resources and construct the bomas.

The Turere LED predator deterrent has shown promising…

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