Enkanga oo ngudisini : Date changed to 16th October

Please note that the dates ofthe  Enkanga oo ngudisini have been changed from 13th October to  Tuesday 16th  October!!

Enkanga oo ngudisini is a Maasai ceremony.

According to the Maasai community, the Enkanga oo ngudisini is  home of walking stick,a home of blessing. Enkanga oo ngudisini  is a maasai ceremony for blessing or cleansing a young age group before they graduate into (orgesher) elder hood.

It’s pure blessing and a  walking stick shows how one is being prepared into elder hood which is a stage a Maasai needs a walking stick to address people and herd livestock.  After ceremony the morans (Maasai age group) go back to their homes and keep the walking stick in their houses as sign of sharing blessings with their families.

All Maasai morans are given a small piece of cow hide to put on their figures as a sign of the age group they have graduated into. Also slaughtering of sacred cow is done during the ceremony and the meat from the right side of the cow is shared by all the morans present. The sub section of the Maasai  that are  graduating is the irmatapato sub section of the maasai, and the next is likely to be done in 15 years.

Venue: Bull’s eye in Bissil along Namanga road             

Date: 16th  October 2012

Time: As from morning till 4pm

All participants will be expected to have their own means of  transport and carry their own packed food. We request all to make a contribution towards the community

FoNNaP is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization that aims to support the conservation and protection of the Nairobi National Park and wildlife dispersal area. Help us conserve and celebrate this environment. JOIN FoNNaP TODAY & SUPPORT THE WORLD’S GREATEST CITY WILDLIFE PARK

MEMBERSHIP RATES: Individual Kshs. 1,000.00 | Family Kshs. 2,000.00 | Corporate Kshs. 10,000.00 | Student Kshs. 500.00 | Per Annum

Send by MPESA to 0723 690 686 or write cheque to Friends of Nairobi National Park and deposit at our offices at KWS Headquarters, Langata Road next to the Smart Card Office at the NNP Main Gate.

FoNNaP Office cell Phone: 0723 690 686

Email: fonnap1@gmail.com



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