Data Analysis of Lion Predations and Movement in Kitengela June, 2012.

Project Report by; Michael Mbithi, Nickson Parmisa, Joseph Tuleto, and David Sorimpan.

The Nairobi Park lion project has been monitoring livestock predations south of Nairobi National Park since October 2011 under a grant from WildlifeDirect and the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative to the Friends of Nairobi national Park (FoNNaP). The goal of the project is to map and analyse factors that make bomas prone to predation and conditions that make lions kill stock, and to identify possible solutions. The collection of baseline information has been done in partnership with KWS and the local community with the aim of mitigating predator human conflict and to promote lion conservation around Nairobi National Park (NNP).

FoNNaP has been involved in lion conservation since its inception 17 years ago.

The lion consolation scheme that was set up has collapsed 3 times due to lack of funding and misuse of funds. This project was established to explore and identify alternative options for lion conservation that prevent conflict, and to implement appropriate solutions.

In June 2011 all NNP lions were individually photographed and identified according to their whisker patterns (by Mbithi & Mascall). Prides were identified and named after their preferred range in the park. The database of lion identification has been made available to the general public to encourage interest in lions, and to enable anyone to participate in monitoring and to get involved in solving problems.

As of 25th June 2012, Nairobi Park is home to 29 adult, sub-adult and juvenile lions.  In addition there are 11 known cubs less than 6 months of age.

Over 700 people follow and contribute to the Nairobi Park Lion monitoring group on Facebook.

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