Stop the Southern Bypass from encroaching on Nairobi Park

Dear Friends,

I am inviting you to stand up for Nairobi Park through an action that will prevent a dangerous precedent from taking root in Kenya that threatens all our protected areas.

Please read the letter below and if you agree with it – send it by post or by email to the Director General of NEMA. We are asking him to stop the Southern Bypass from encroaching on Nairobi National Park. We are taking this case to the National Environmental Tribunal and we need your support to show the authorities that we will not allow the government of Kenya to break environmental laws in the name of development. Unless we take a stand, our invaluable natural national and global heritage will be at risk. By stopping this project we can apply arguments to prevent breaches in environmental laws affecting Nakuru National Park, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East National Park, Samburu Reserve and in the Lamu archipelago. Likethe southern bypass all of these projects are considered “flagship” Vision 2030 projects. All of them threaten Keny’as unique wildlife heritage which is the foundation for tourism which is one of the most vital economic drivers of the country.

For more information please check out the Friends of Nairobi Park (FoNNaP) website and our facebook page

If you agree with this action, please forward it to widely throughout your networks.

Kind Regards
Paula Kahumbu
for the Southern Bypass Action Committee (The SBAC East African Wildlife Society, Youth For Conservation, Narirobi Greenline Project, FoNNaP, African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) and many other individuals

Professor Geoffrey Wahungu
Director General
National Environment Management Authority,
P.O.BOX 67839-00200,

Dear Sir,


Nairobi National park is the Worlds Greatest City Park being the only park in a capital city with wild megafauna like lions, rhino, buffalo giraffe and many other species. This park is invaluable for the people of Nairobi Kenya and the world. The Southern Bypass road threatens this park. While I have no objection to the development of badly needed infrastructure in Nairobi and Kenya as a whole, with respect to the Southern Bypass , I have information that the proposed and designed Bypass encroaches into the Nairobi National Park in contravention to the environmental license issued by your office.

I have looked at the license granted by NEMA and more particularly paragraph
2.2 and 2.3 which state as follows:-
2.2    The Proponent shall not encroach on gazetted Parks (Nairobi National Park).
2.3    The Proponent shall ensure that the sections of the road along the Nairobi National Park, Ngong and Dagoretti natural forests should be implemented in close consultations and agreement with Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, and other relevant authorities.

By encroaching into the Nairobi National Park, the proponents of this project have breached part of the conditions of the license.

I object to this breach of the terms and conditions of the license as aforesaid, and believe that practical alternatives have been proposed to keep the Southern Bypass out of the park.

This letter is to ask that you take necessary measures to ensure that the construction of the Southern Bypass is compliant with Kenyan laws and does not encroach into the Nairobi Park.

Yours Sincerely

Your name
Your Address


12 responses to “Stop the Southern Bypass from encroaching on Nairobi Park

  1. Dr. Kahumbu & FONNAP, I admire your courage and the galant effort you have put towards protecting our natural resources. Its crucial and at the same time noble to save the Nairobi National park. The building of the Southern bypass is however of little or no threat to the park. The area that the road (legally) encroaches into the park has barely any impact on the parks ecosystem. The park has other roads around it; Langata rd, Magadi rd, Mombasa rd, yet these havent adversely affected it. The benefit of the Southern bypass vis a vis preservation of a 60-meter wide stretch cannot be compared. Fight for the environment but please dont distort facts in doing so.

  2. Thumbs up Levi…uve spoken your mind and nothing could be any closer to the truth.If parks were so important compared to undertaking mega projects vital for realising vision 2030 then we can as well turn the whole country into a giant park where am pretty sure some foreign nationals shall come laugh at our ancient lifestyle…no no no way…this won’t happen,we shall move with the world and obviously you can’t make an omelette (Spelling) without breaking eggs.

  3. Excerpt from Cabinet media briefing of 17 May 2012 – Cabinet also approved the designation of a transport corridor along the northern edge of the Nairobi National Park. 60 acres of land belonging to the park will now form part of the corridor in order to facilitate completion of the Southern road and rail bypass.

    • Cabinet approved the acquisition of land of an equivalent value to be annexed for the benefit and adjacent to the park.

  4. Levi and Ray, please check your facts again before you give each other the thumbs up. Levi, the biggest deal is not the size of the park proposed to be annexed to form part of the southern bypass infrastructure, but the manner with which it is done and the blatant flouting of the law to achieve some supposedly beneficial end. Indeed Ray, one must break the egg to make the omelette, but, not if the egg is not yours. Fonnap, keep going because unchecked, tomorrow more “illegal developments” will take place. The end does not justify the means.

    Levi and Ray, have you considered that there are alternatives that will leave the park intact? Please don’t be short sighted

  5. pls let that road be built some of us guys we hjave problem with road we dont have any other rd which can take us to main rd or thika highway.We were so happy venye tulisikia about that rd southern bypass now inapigwa what are going to do?kama ni bridge in theta we dont have that any vihecle can pass every time we use bodaboda and its very expensive to and flo we pay 200/= ksh plus fare of 200/=ksh making a total of 400 per day and our salary ni kidogo sana.Pls we beg yu mutukubuke bcz iki stop then that 17 billion will go to somebody’s pocket na Mr Kibaki akienda that rd will not be constructed.

  6. Environmentalists want to live in stone houses too, and a tree had to be cut down in order create room to build that house too…hypocrites hehehe….

    So; who among us in here lives in an ecofriendly 100% organic manyatta?


  7. it is no wonder third world countries struggle to catch up with first world ones taking the same path of carbonizing the environment and even encroaching in to the ever pillars of mans livelihood. human predicaments today are as a result of aggressive human activities that had other possible solutions other than the way taken. every situation as its own solution and shortcuts are not always the best, let the government consider it wise not to interfere with the park and possible solutions be considered , environment is too delicate and once interfered with repulsions are highly negative.

  8. Levi and Raymond, you really do need to check your facts before you post. Saying that the roads already surrounding the park do not affect it … well have you not heard about the lions (the last of the less than 2,000 left in Kenya), getting hit on the road while trying to find territory that they used to roam free in before the development moved in to their area? Or being killed once in the newly developed areas, for doing no more than trying to protect their babies? Other species have the right and indeed are necessary, for life on this earth. With an earth only filled with humans what an unbalanced and awful place that would be to live in, given what a mess we make of it all. Time the developed world learned from the FIrst world mistakes.

  9. Environmentalists are damn liars who want to make the loudest noise so that their donors can see they are active. How does annexing 60 acres from one side of the park and compensating it with equivalent park equal to not minding the park?

  10. I had not appreciated what the ‘hue and cry’ by Friends of Nairobi National Park was about until i walked the length of Southern Bypass stretch from the Lang’ata Road (Carnivore) Junction to Mombasa Road (Ole Sereni) Junction. IF the NNP fence, as it runs, is the correct edge of the Bypass road Reserve, then clearly, there are some built-up estate houses which have been illegally put up on the Road Reserve allocation. This is visible to the naked eye. Before an inch is hived off the Park, i say any encroaching constructions MUST be pulled down and the land revert to the PUBLIC. Impunity must stop! Let the road run its afore-allocated course.

  11. I fail to understand some people. Let’s say you find a lion and a small boy all critically ill and you have a chance to save only one. What would be your choice? We are willing to let people choke on vehicle fumes for hours in traffic so that some few animals can run in a clean environment. We are created in God’s image but value animals more!!!! God forbid.

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