Elephants come to Kitengela!

Wow! Seeing is believing- When Joseph Tuleto told me that there were elephants just 50m from his home I didn’t believe it. I asked him to get photos.

Throughout the day I got reports that elephants were calm, feeding quietly and when KWS were called and tried to move them on, they just stood there – quietly calmly and completely in defiance of the authorities! The five pachyderms attracted much interest and admiration from the community mostly because they were so calm.

It is incredible how close the elephants allowed people to come which suggests that these are not elephants from Shompole, but may in fact have come from Amboseli. We are going to ask Cynthia Moss and the folks at the Amboseli Trust for Elephants if they know who these guys are and why they have paid us a visit in Nairobi!




Thank you so much Joseph Tuleto for these photos



7 responses to “Elephants come to Kitengela!

  1. Wonderful. What a great happening for all of you out there. If I was still living in Nairobi, I would have grabbed my cameras and binocs, jumped into my Land Rover and rushed out there, and spent the whole day sitting quietly just to watch them with a thermos of coffee and a sandwich. There is nothing more peaceful and calming than doing that. Mindful of course to keep a respectful distance and mind the wishes of the matriarchs who definitely have the right of way. Is there a drought in Amboseli that would have driven them up there? Has anyone spoken to Daphne Sheldrake about them, in addition to Cynthia Moss? Or Jonathan Scott, who would probably like to document their presence in some of his wonderful photos. Is Helen Gochohi still around? She studied the park and threats from development in great detail when she was with Wildlife Conservation International and would surely be interested.

    I would love to hear from any FoNNAP members by email if they would care to write. By the way, I am trying to change my avatar to a real photo instead of one of my Nigerian statues, but my photos are in rectangular format, while the WordPress software crops them into square format that chops off my neck or my hair. Frustrating.

    Best to all. Kris Atchley

  2. I always say that kitengela is home of wildlife,the question is are they Amposeli or Shompole elephant?non of the above they are kitengela elephant They belong to as,Jake cook told me last weekend when i visited eselenkey in Amposeli that elephant for 2o year were never seen is that area they started going back there,after they{local community}come up with the conservancy now alot of wildlife are there including elephant.we need to learn from this,if we protect kitengela as the conservation area we shall have a mega park and all this elephant,shall move back to as,thanks to Tuleto and also thanks to Paula fo introducing cameras to as,imagine is Tuleto dint have camera?thanks alot.

  3. In the past couple of years its become common to have elephants come north into the athi kapiti proper. Am excited to see what happens as more people embrace conservation and more land becomes wildlife friendly on the Athi/Kitengela – Amboseli corridor. Will we get elephants in Nairobi National Park?

  4. U.K. Headline new of huge slaughter of families of elies.
    I want to help pay for more eskaries
    Knew of Daphney since K.G.H.S (boma) days in fifties!

    • Hi Anne,
      Thats very kind of you. Send me an email to fonnap1@gmail.com and I will copy to our Chair who will direct you more on how you will get involved against elephant poaching n Kenya which is a very worrying cause.

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