3 Year Strategic Plan Final Version presentation at Members’ Gathering

For the last 3 months, Friends of Nairobi National Park, partners, communities and well wishers have been engaged in rigorous Strategic Planning Process and this coming Saturday, 22nd October 2011 at 10.00 a.m. at the Kenya Wildlife Service Education Centre, the final version of the Plan will be presented to members. This plan developed by Environmental and Organizational Consultant, Helen Gibbons, will guide FoNNaP in the next 3 years on which direction to go so as to grow into a vibrant and dynamic organization that will be at the forefront in conserving and celebrating Nairobi National Park as the World’s Greatest City Park.

You are invited to attend this gathering as we chat the way forward for FoNNaP and take up our roles that are going to define FoNNaP in the next three years.

We would like to thank our Friends, well wishers, local community leaders and partner organizations for taking time to participate in the various surveys, members’ meetings, community meetings and organization meetings that saw the exercise come to a successful conclusion. We also wish to thank our donor for the project, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) for providing the funding.

We hope to see you there this Saturday as we enter a new phase of dynamism and chat the way forward.



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