The last Lions – a new award winning film

Dear friends

I just attended the Jackson Hole Film Festival where The Last Lions won two awards

Although we see lions almost every day in Nairobi Park, fewer than 35,000 lions remain in Africa and they are declining rapidly. Kenya’s lions are now thought to number fewer than 2,000 and they are at real risk of disappearing in the next 10 to 15 years.

The decline of lions is why world renown film makers from Botswana Derek and Beverly Joubert made The Last Lions which just won the Jackson Hole film Festival.

This is perhaps the best wildlife Documentary that I have ever seen.  The National Geographic Big Cats Initiative is supporting conservation initiatives to save Nairobi Parks big cats through work in Kitengela on lions and Athi Kapiti on cheetah through WildlifeDirect.


One response to “The last Lions – a new award winning film

  1. we need so serious measures to deal with the decline of lion in Africa lets start with Nairobi national park and despasal area.

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