park lioness to be captured today

Dear friends,

It has been six days since a lion cub was rescued in the Mukoma road area.

His mother, a Nairobi Park lioness KF6, is still in the residential area six days later! She has kept residents awake with her cries for her cub, has fallen into a swimming pool, sat on lawns, scared everyone, and left her massive muddy footprints everywhere. Despite the fear that residents have of a nasty experience of bumping into her , everyone is apparently in agreement that she should be captured and returned to the park.  Everyone has expressed concern that if she injures someone she might be killed. Nobody wants that.   The concern for the lioness and her cubs safety is overwhelming and heart warming and we thank the Mukoma road residents for their great patience and compassion.

We wish KWS much luck to day when they plan to capture her and reunite her with cub, and return them both to the park. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for a safe capture and speedy return to park life bliss. Thank you KWS for working so hard to get her to safety.

I also want to thank David Mascall who has worked tirelessly every single day from 4 am to 11 pm being “on the watch” and helping to convey information from the area to KWS.  So many of the residents have called me to express their concern about the situation and to give me information, and to recognize Dave’s commitment. I  really cannot thank you all enough and really appreciate everything being done to ensure a safe recovery of lioness  KF6 to the park.

I will keep updating you all on this blog

Kind Regards





3 responses to “park lioness to be captured today

  1. Shades of Mervyn Cowie and the lionesses he worked with to build popular interest in the park and sympathy and understanding for lions!!

  2. Hello Paula,
    I happen to know the family on whose property the cub was captured. I saw actual images of the capture on Facebook. It is very overwhelming indeed. We have every confidence is Dave Mascall, and we are very hopeful that he will indeed reunite the lioness and her cub safely. Gob bless you all for the work you are doing for NNP, specifically for participation in lion conservation.
    (Kenyan living in the US)

  3. Hi Paula, I am in town and happy to help if I can. I have a lot of lion capture experience but none of my kit, which is still in Laikipia. It really concerns me that KWS took the cub away. Was it not possible to get it out of the tree and release it straight back to it’s mother? Or clear the area so the mother could rescue it herself? She could of then left the area without constantly being drawn back. Lions abandon their cubs relatively quickly so it is always much better to do anything to keep them together. Maybe the situation made that impossible – it’s always easy when you’re not there! Anyway, happy to help. Alayne. Living With Lions.

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