Nairobi Metro 2030 Strategy: Your chance to speak for the Wildlife of Nairobi National Park

Metro2030 Strategy

The Nairobi Metro 2030 Development Strategy is set transform Nairobi City into a world Class African Metropolis. The strategy is now available to the public and FoNNaP is giving you a chance as a member, a friend, a concerned Nairobi inhabitant, a Kenyan citizen and an ardent wildlife enthusiast to send in your views regarding the strategy.

The future of Nairobi National Park and that of the wildlife of Kenya is in our hands, lets take time to go through this strategy and submit your comments, recommendations and views which will be submitted to the committee on Nairobi Metro 2030 within the next two weeks.


2 responses to “Nairobi Metro 2030 Strategy: Your chance to speak for the Wildlife of Nairobi National Park

  1. Recommended reading:
    Also have a look at the Draft Spatial Planning Concept for Nairobi Metropolitan Region available from the Ministry’s website:

    The NNP is mentioned severally as being of strategic importance to the economic and environmental interests of the metro region and Kenya at large.

  2. After just a quick look at booklet “Nairobi Matro 2030”, there is one MAJOR change that MUST take place immediately: And that is the Land Use Map:

    Page 108: Appendix 2, Land Use Map.

    1. The former Sheep & Goat 2912 acres adjacent to the open southern border of Nairobi Nat. Park, now in Mavoko County and the rest of that misplaced Mavoko County “triangle” is designated “Residential” rather than its current use of pastoral (Agricultural). This entire Movoko triangle is the heart of the crossing points to and from Nairobi Nat. Park and is entirely pastoral. Making this residential totally contradicts the positive mention of Nairobi Nat. Park and conservation areas in other sections of this booklet.

    2. Most of Triangle 2, on the East side of the Namanga Road, is designated as “Residential” and in fact, it is and should continue to be almost totally pastoral (Agricultural).

    This land use map in “Nairobi Metro 2030” regarding Movoko County seems to be more political than proper land use planning.

    3. Fortunately, Olkejuado County seems to be well ahead of the other regions main groups. They already have their land-use master plan for the lands North of Kajiado town, so this devolution has already been accomplished!!

    4. Importantly, I note that a proposal for a “Greater Southern By-Pass” is not on the Transportation Map, Appendix 4, page 110.

    Ed Loosli – Chairman, The Wildlife Foundation

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