Lioness KF6 found after 4 hours by FoNNaP volunteers and KWS

Dear all,

It has been a long morning for most but the mother of the baby that was rescued by KWS yesterday has been finally found after two false alarms.

We were first sure that she was  a female that had killed a warthog at the Sheldrick elephant sanctuary but whisker pattern analysis revealed that it was her sister KF2 and her 3 cubs.

Then another report came in of two lionesses in the park. They turned out to be KF1 and KF5

According to residents of the Mukoma road area the lioness was heard calling for her cub all night. She must be very distressed at losing her cub. We are hoping that KF6 returns to the Park tomorrow with her 2 cubs and can be reunited with her third cub.

Thanks for all your help and support especially everyone at KWS and FoNNaP volunteers Bryony, Ed, Michael, Dave, Nishu, Deepak, Raabia, Lindsay, Alister, Alex, Sandy, Kim, and Lesley.


3 responses to “Lioness KF6 found after 4 hours by FoNNaP volunteers and KWS

  1. It was very nice to recieve such support from FoNNaP for this exercise and KWS, Dave Mascall and I thank you all. I would like to correct that we found KFI with KF7. KF1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 have been seen to tolerate KF4 and 5 but not to interact socially. We are still studying the dynamics.

    It is possible that if we donnot succed to locate KF6 in the park soon we may have to re- insert her cub with her sister KF2 who has 3 cubs of the same age. KF2 has been known to nurse KF1’s late cubs.

    Michael and Dave

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