Nairobi Park Lion cub URGENTLY needs help to find his mother

Dear friends,

Last night a lioness named KF 6 from the Kinfisher group took her three cubs into Mukoma road last night where she had a brawl with a Rottweiler dog.

In the melee one of her cubs escaped up a tree and remained there until 11 am this morning when KWS courageously rescued him.

KF6 watched the rescue angrily and even tried to attack the rescuers. She had hidden her other two cubs.

KWS will return her rescued cub to her as soon as she is spotted in the park

That’s where we need your help. We are calling on all FoNNaP members to join us tomorrow am as early as possible to look for KF6 (please look at her picture in the attachment which is part of the Lion Identification database that was compiled by Michael Mbithi and David Mascal.

She will be recognizable as the lioness with only 2 5 month old cubs. She is likely to be somewhere in or near the Langata forest, Kingfisher area or Nagolomon dam .

This is the first time that we have been able to use the data gathered in a research project to save a lion in Nairobi Park. Be part of that history, help us find KF6 and reunite her with her cub.

Please let us know by calling Paula 0722 685 106, or emailing FoNNaP to let us know if you can help. Call or email as soon as possible as we can arrange free entry for any volunteers.

If you see her call Paula or Michael immediately

Kind Regards



7 responses to “Nairobi Park Lion cub URGENTLY needs help to find his mother

  1. Perhaps you can also have a group patrol the area where she left the cub as back up, as chances of her returning are high! Hope you can reunite the family soon!

  2. Hope you find the mother. Wish I was around to help! Its important she doesn’t get too stressed or she could abandon the cub/leave the area.
    Good luck!!

  3. Thanks Sushil and Shivani – we wish you were here to help too! We will post regularly on twitter tomorrow

  4. Hope the mother is spotted soon. I would have gladly spent the day looking for her but im in mombasa. Goodluck!

  5. Was good talking to you on the phone Paula. As I mentioned I was there on monday 5th, and I am pretty sure it was her who I saw near number 5 junction with her cubs hiding in a thicket nearby. Maybe she’ll return to that area. Hopefully she’s found soon!

  6. Paula she was seen and heard at the bottom end of Mukoma Estate last night in some one’s garden. Have you found her yet?

  7. She has been found somewhere near the giraffe center and is still outside of the park. We are really hoping she’ll come back to the park tonight and be reuinted with her cub then

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