Kenya’s new Wildlife Bill

Dear Friends,

The draft Wildlife Bill and Policy are now finalized and public comments will he heard on 29th August. They are available on the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife website : .

You will note that the Widlife Bill is substantially different to the current existing Wildlife Act.

Key issues we would like your thoughts on in this Bill

  1. Changes in the structure of the organs managing wildlife – creation of a Wildlife Authority
  2. Provision for Community conservation of wildlife through community wildlife associations
  3. Recognition and regulation of privately owned conservation areas
  4. Incentives for wildlife conservation
  5. Provision of wildlife user rights including culling and cropping
  6. Conservation orders and easements
  7. Mechanisms for the control of problem animals and establishment of county compensation committees
  8. Protected water towers of national importance
  9. Nationally listed endangered and threatened ecosystems (Nairobi Park and the Athi-Kapiti Ecosystem are listed as Critically endangered)
  10. Nationally listed endangered species
  11. Nationally listed invasive species
  12. Consumptive wildlife utilization
  13. Management plans

FoNNaP members can submit comments to us through by Friday 26th August at 5 pm for compilation.
Comments can also be sent directly to  or  to the:

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife

Telposta Towers, 3rd Floor

P.O. Box 41394-00100


Please share this information with all who would be interested.

Thank you


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