FoNNaP happenings during the last week, plus ‘lion lovers’ courtesy of Gareth Jones

‘Terminator’ in action, NNP, 26.06.2011

Our end of month meeting was well-attended with 26 members present for feedback from Helen Gibbons ref the online survey: 70 responses recorded! Once collated the outcome will be presented here. Lekishon Kenana, Sr Scientist for the Southern Region, KWS, then made a stimulating presentation on KWS’ approach to removing invasive species such as Lantana camara from Kenya’s national parks. This was followed by a good debate. The following day two ‘terminator’ machines were demonstrated in NNP by Peder Gronhagen, a forest manager based in Sweden, using strimmer and blade mechanisms. These potentially present a more effective way of removing invasive species albeit at 600 euros a piece. We hope to have another demo day soon…

Peder Gronhagen in action with 'terminator' in NNP, 26.06.2011

The wet season game counts in the Kitengela triangles continue, with training starting in the third triangle – Kipeto – tomorrow. Thanks to Shem Kifugo of ILRI for leading this exercise, due to end in Kipeto on 20 July. The data generated from the wet season counts in the Machakos Athi Kapiti Ranches (800 sq km), Nairobi National Park (115 sq km), and the Kitengela triangles (2 200 sq km) will prove invaluable  in the fight to protect and conserve this interactive ecosystem for future generations.  

More stunning images of lions – thanks to Gareth Jones for sending these in.

Lionesses posing at 27B, taken by Gareth Jones

Mating lions, NNP, taken by Gareth Jones

Taking a break, by Gareth Jones

Next members’ meeting is on July 30th, when we plan to have a hands-on session for those of you who would like to keep in touch with FoNNaP via new social media such as Twitter, Facebook. All welcome.


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