Dear Friend of Nairobi National Park,

I am pleased to inform you that Friends of Nairobi National Park is currently developing its first Strategic Plan, to be in place for three years: 2012 – 2014. We decided to do this at this time in order to map the way forward because we want FoNNaP to become an influential player that inspires Kenyans to fall in love with this great park, celebrate its as The Worlds Greatest City Park, and keep it alive so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we do. To facilitate the production of the Plan, we have hired an external consultant specialised in this area, Helen Gibbons, who will be working with us over the next weeks to deliver the Plan. As a member or friend of FoNNaP, we would very much like your input and viewpoints into our future strategy, to ensure as much as possible our final Plan reflects the perspectives of our members and friends. We very much value your input and trust that you will help us to produce a great plan. To enable us to capture your input in an efficient manner, we have developed an online questionnaire available through the following link:

We kindly request that you take 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire to give us your feedback by the 20th of June. Thank you so much for your support PS look out for our game count results for the entire ecosystem on our blog coming up in the next 2 weeks.




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