Nairobi Park is not a cake!

Just when we thought things were going well we discover a disaster lurking around the corner.

It has just come to my attention that the Kenya Highway Authority plans to build a highway called the Northern bypass that will take a bite out of the northern section of the Nairobi park near one of the runways to Wilson Airport. That’s only half the problem, they also intend to build a southern bypass right through the Kitengela just south of the National Park boundary. This development will lead to strip development and end up cutting off the wildlife movements further south.

Roads here are not benficial developments, they will strangle the Worlds Greatest City Park

These roads will strangle the life out of the Nairobi National Park and we have to do everything possible to prevent this disaster for the Nairobi National Park.


6 responses to “Nairobi Park is not a cake!

  1. We need to do everything possible to stop the impending disaster !!! they call it ‘development” , but the park will definately become a “green island ” in a sea of human development . This battle for the future of the NNP , needs to be fought NOW !! and even though KWS can help , i believe that help is needed at GOVERNMENT LEVEL and from international Wildlife org’s . By 2050 it is expected the Greater Nairobi will have a population of over 10000000 people , it is clear that Nairobi is not waiting , the city is expanding rapidly . A solution that allow wildlife migration movement through a narrow remaining corridor , with several “underpass” bridges for wildlife to move safely is desperately needed !!!

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  3. How can we effecively lobby as a group? Newspapers? peaceful demonstration? How do we get help/audience at government level? Balala is our minister of Tourism, Michuki for Environment… Maybe an awareness session with them is a start? Maybe we can get Professor Wangare Mathai to support our cause?


    Tanvir Ali

  4. I think a good start would be to speak with NEMA. I could introduce you to one of the Directors of the Board. Another excellent partner for this cause would be KWS and therefore I suggest you contact the CEO, Julius, to find out what measures, if any, that they are taking.

  5. We could also use a similar approach to those who recently succeeded in STOPPING the serengeti highway from being constructed . Who has those contacts ?

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