enkang emayian

News and images of Maasai blessing ceremony held by the irkaputiei sub-section in May 2011

5000 plus Morans gathered in Emali for this ceremony marking the transition from being a moran to becoming an elder.

Each sub-clan builds a boma.

Building sacred boma

Only pure men are allowed to enter. There a piece of the skin of the sacred bull is put on the middle finger of the right hand, where the stick is held.

Skin of bull being placed on finger

Men can queue for a long time to enter the boma.

Men wait to enter boma to be blessed

After the blessing, the graduates eat meat prepared by specially chosen men

Meat from sacred bull being roasted

Women witness the ceremony

Maasai women watch the proceedings

Women also prepare food for all the participants and guests

PIt used by women for cooking food

Next year these men will become Elders.

Thanks to Nikson Parmisa for images and information.


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