FoNNaP Newsletters: Get the 411 on the World’s Greatest City Park and other Conservation Issues

The FoNNaP Communications Committee has been over the past few months working on getting to you Friends,  the latest on what’s happening in and around Nairobi National Park. So far, since September 2010, 3 info parked newsletters have been produced by a team led by board member Jo Kinnear, members Harriet Martsaert and Gordon Boy and with contributions from members, their children, other conservation partners and community members.

Here are the three issues of the newsletters since September.

FONNAP newsletter Christmas Issue



The next issue of the newsletter will be out in June and your feedback and views are welcomed. If you would like to add you and/or a friend to our mailing list to receive our newsletters; to be updated on our events and other relevant information, let us know. You can drop us an email at and we will be sure to keep you posted.

Parents are also encouraged to bring along their children to the Members’ Gatherings and Outings and have them write their experience. We have dedicated a section in the newsletter where members’ children can write on their experiences while out with FoNNaP.

Enjoy your read!

Irinah Wandera


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