Conflict in the Nairobi Park Dispersal area – Buffalo video

Dear Friends,

The expansion of urban development has created a deadly mix for wildlife that depends on the Nairobi National Park in Kenya. I witnessed the authorities response to a Buffalo trapped in a center that has sprung up in the middle of a wildlife dispersal area. Viewer caution is recommended.

We would really appreciate your views and ideas on how to keep the migrating wildlife safe.



2 responses to “Conflict in the Nairobi Park Dispersal area – Buffalo video

  1. I don’t think their is anything like an ‘open Eco-system’ left in this country in regards to game parks/reserves. With the human population increasing the solution may just be – ‘ANIMALS IN – PEOPLE OUT’! We can all rant & rave but this is the future like or not! The incident on the video will be a norm if the park is not fenced & managed soon. Animals know no boundaries & never have! We are to blame for this end of day! Very sad to loose a Buffalo!! 😦

  2. What happened to the expert KWS transport team, equiped with dart guns to sedate the buffalo and then move it back into the Park??
    KWS moves elephants andhippos, and they can move one buffalo. This is disgusting and improper wildlife management on behalf of KWS.

    And Yes, we need to save the Namanga Road crossing points.

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