The April 30th Members’ Gathering saw everyone go home happy and especially the winners of the animal identification competition who took home wildlife treasures in the form of books mostly wildlife photography. Both the kids and grown ups took home something. More competitions are on the way with more goodies in store for the winners. Most of the time when people join FoNNaP, they ask: “How do I benefit?” Well., there is one answer for you: the more you get involved, the more your chances of getting more than you bargained for. Be sure to participate in the next competition.

For those who did not get a chance to participate in the competition, you can still view the photos here ://

Our winners for the competition, both those who submitted their results online and those who took the speed test at the members gathering were: Patricia Heather Hayes (also a previous winner); Ocean Blue; Neal Aggarwal and daughter Acacia; Lindsay Bell and Dave. Congratulations to them and look forward to more competitions.

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The new Nairobi National Park Senior Warden, Mr. Mark Cheruiyot,  was in his third month at the job was also present at the meeting and was officially introduced to members at the gathering by the chair Paula Kahumbu.  The warden thanked the members for the impressive work he was seeing FoNNaP do and urged them to be actively involved in matters affecting the park. He informed the gathering that he would be receiving a rhino from Olchorro, Maasai Mara the coming week and  Paula was present when Madaraka arrived in Nairobi National Park. You can watch the arrival of Madaraka at He joinedthe other 11 white rhino in Nairobi Park last week after two white rhino were killed in Ol Choro Oiroua in the Masai Mara. He is a massive 16 year old.

Introducing new Nairobi National Park senior warden, Mr. mark Cheruiyot

Mr. Cheruiyot promised the members to have the NNP hotline number in place and this promise, he kept. we now have a hotline 0729 125 502, which you can call to report any cases of poaching, logging, over-speeding in park and any other issue of concern affecting the park. Many thanks to senior warden for facilitating this.

I must say the crowning moment of the gathering was watching the film, The Elephant: Life After, over coffee and popcorns. If my professor at campus had used this film to teach the ecology class on energy flow, I would have certainly gotten an A plus. For those who missed it, I would suggest you appeal to our chair Paula Kahumbu to have a re-run of the film.

We certainly hope you will catch up with other Friends in our next meeting on 28th May 2011. The strategic planning process is underway and our consultant Hellen Gibbons will be getting in touch with you to get your ideas and views.


Irinah Katherina Wandera


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