Lions and cubs at the picnic site in Nairobi Park

This note came in from Gareth Jones – we just had to share..

Hi ,

Yesterday evening I decided to drive past the Kingfisher site area on a
different route , I was very surprised to find a lioness there only 20m from
the picnic site on a kill in the stream , and amazingly 3 small cubs also
appeared from the thick bush . Great to see this , but unfortunately it was
very dark , so NO PICTURES !

Seen at Mbuni picnic site

So this morning very early (by 06h15) I was back at kingfisher again , in
the hope of another sighting , but I saw nothing after much looking . So I
drove on and had ‘MY” hot drink (barley,chickory,cocoa,ginger, honey-a home made brew) at mbuni picnic site , then drove around the loop , and as I

Lion King

drove onto the “big bend” again (main road) between no6 & no7 , two lions
were sitting next to the road enjoying the morning sun , after sitting there
for about 15min they eventually got up and started walking back towards No6
dam , Dave Mc Kelvie also arrived then (after he also looked for the lioness
and cubs at Kingfisher ) .

You're boring me!

Dave also told me that Sergio Fernandes had just
seen a lioness in the valley bellow . A tour bus driver then told both of us
that he had seen two lionesses and 4 cubs near No4 yesterday evening . It is
great to see that there are such powerful looking males in the park , and
also good to know there are several sets of cubs !

Gareth Jones


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