Bit Cat fight – Lion action in Nairobi National Park

Friends, we love it when you write to us! This is a mail sent by Dave McKelvie today

This morning, very peaceful, got message from 2 females at 7 dam, got to dam and found females watching a big male across dam about 100m, Then had a call that 2 males heading to dam from along main rd, Females spotted them and got agitated, male 1 spotted them and started to chase, females took off like the wind, with 1 behind, male 2 had crossed and started stalking the chasing male 1, at one point had Male 1 to left 5m away Male 2 in front sneaking up and 5m behind him male 3 sneaking up on him, male 1 spotted 2 and took off, male 2 then spotted 3 and took off in another direction, 1 and 3 then ganged up and chased 2 at full pelt for about 2 kms and then off into bush, no idea what happened, Gilly all the time wishing it wasn’t happening and not wanting to see blood shed!!!!

Some photos blurred as I was taking them as I followed the chase

Thank you for this extraordinary sequence of photos Dave!

If you see something extraordinary, please drop us an email on


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