We have been blessed with good rain for the last three days. These rains have brought some challenges, when it comes to accessing the planting zone. You are all aware that this area has black cotton soil, which is very difficult to navigate by car.

I have consulted and this is the way forward:

– we shall plant at the Sandy Vohra stretch, which is accessible on foot from the East gate. Parking at the East gate and Twiga campsite

– This Sandy Vohra stretch has many trees that died for a variety of reasons, especially the damage by the Chinese company

– We shall still plant Anoop’s stretch on a more suitable date

– Waithaka and his team shall prepare at lest 2000 holes for the day.

– I have spoken to the armed forces, and they shall bring a team of 500 men to site. They shall help us pit and plant the additional trees that we require for the day. (led by Airforce Col Chemuche Mohammed)

The option of trying to access the Greenline via the KAPA Oil section tarmac is complicated, and many may get lost. The Homeboyz team may struggle to get their vehicle and tents set up there. Dorman’s too for the coffee sales van

I hope everyone understands and shall do their best to accommodate the changes.


Wanja Kimani


c/o Kensta Group, at Express Automation

Kalson Towers, The Crescent, Westlands

P O Box 22709, 00400

T: 020 3630000, M: 0722 524837



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