Conservation in action : Saturday 19.02.2011. Come and plant a tree on the Greenline on the edge of Nairobi National Park

PARK NEWS by Gareth Jones
It has been fairly well communicated globally that this year – 2011 – is officially the “YEAR OF THE FORESTS”. As I drive through the Nairobi Park, it is good to note that the Langata & riverine sections are fairly well forested and support substantial ecosystems.
It is clear to me that the continued focus regarding trees is to look at the “weakest links” and strengthen them. The Nairobi National Park boundaries, especially on the Nairobi / Athi River side have the greatest needs due to pollution , poaching and degradation.

About a year ago a pioneering effort called the ‘NAIROBI GREENLINE” was initiated through the initial vision of the late Anoop Shah , to plant a 30km long double fence with trees ,and since then the actions of many people, schools, businesses, and organizations have resulted in approximately 50 000 trees being planted. However there is still much to do as the target is to plant 200 000 trees and maintain them.

So as I drive through this beautiful park and look at the rapidly encroaching city of almost 4 million people, I am often reminded of the responsibility this generation has to ensure the future of the Nairobi Park .
Please join us in the Nairobi Greenline – 1st Anniversary Tree Plant day on Saturday – 19th February 2011 from 08h00 to 11h00 , in memory of Anoop Shah. For only Ksh 1000 you can buy & plant 5 trees near the East Gate at maasai corner.Every tree makes a difference. Join us as we parent this forest, and make history .

The park is open daily from 06h00 to 19h00.
For more information on the park you can link to the following websites : or or on facebook.