Please report any sightings of lions on Magadi road

Dear friends I am writing to thank all members who participated in the game count and the park clean up last weekend.

We will be circulating the results shortly.

I’d like to take this opportunity to also inform you that the new warden of Nairobi National Park is Mark Cheruyiot. He is an old friend and was extremely pleased to hear about what we are doing through FoNNaP, we brainstormed a number of exciting ideas for collaboration. I hope I speak for all members in welcoming Mr. Cheruyiot and expressing our committment to working with him closely .

Some of you might have heard about another lioness who escaped from the park and was seen on the Magadi road yesterday.

I got the news from members of FoNNaP and immediately informed my colleagues at KWS. Rangers were dispatched and they found her and pushed her back into the park. Well done KWS for ensuring her safe return. It seems that she had escaped through a route used by the mamas who collect firewood.

Mr. Cheruyiot has agreed to set up a Nairobi National Park hotline for reports. I will circulate that number as soon as I have it. However, in the meantime, if you see anything unusual, please do not hesitate to contact Fonnap office on 0723690686, or email or write directly to the Senior Warden on Thank you all again Paula Kahumbu


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