Community conservation ideas

During the last board meeting two ideas were proposed to help the communities living in the Kitengela area.

Predator proof bomas – to help reduce the rate of predation on livestock.

Based on the model produced by Anne Kent Taylor in the Masai Mara, these chain link re-inforced stockades keep out any predators. A lion proof boma is 100% effective against night time predation and costs Ksh 40,000 to put in place.

2. Biogas as an alternative energy source. To reduce the dependence on fuel wood for domestic cookiong which leads to the destruction of local forests and trees, as well as endangering the lives of the women who collect it (often in the park where lions and buffaloes roam).  Since the Masai keep the cattle in stockades (boma’s) at night, there is an accummulation of cow and goat dung that can be converted into methane for domestic energy needs.

This simple set up was designed in Kenya for the people of Kitengela after a survey found women interested in finding a use for the dung, reducing the flies, and an alternative source of energy. It has been tested in Masai Mara, Nakuru, Nyahururu, Nyeri, Isinya and Nairobi. FoNNaP will be pioneering it’s expansion into the Kitengela. The system costs Ksh 35,000 (Approx US $400) and takes only a few hours to set up, and a week to start producing methane. Read more about it on Afrigadget here

3. Livestock insurance. In the past FoNNaP paid out a consolation fee for every head of livestock lost to predators. This quickly became impossible to maintain due to the amounts of cash required – exceeding USD 4,000 per month. With no source of income the project failed leading to very difficult consequences for the communities who are affected by predator conflict. However, all is not lost as the International Institute for Livestock Research have been pioneering some innovative insurance schemes for livestock in Kenya. The message is that the owners of livestock must take responsibility for their animals by paying for their security. We hope to extend this facility  from climate induced losses to predator losses. Combined with predator proof fencing and better livestock husbandry, the livestock should be better protected and owners will be fully responsible for the security of their assets.

If you have any other ideas, or if you would like support or to get involved in any of these projects please let us know! Email us on


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