Members meeting

Our October 30th Members meeting was attended by 24 very active and excited members. Thank you all for coming!

The first item on the agenda was finances – FoNNaP desperately needs funds to pay the costs of operations (about Ksh 35,000 per month). The previous accounts have still not been provided by the previous board. This has been outstanding for sometime and the members requested the old board to deliver the accounts without further delay.

Some great ideas were presented for how to create awareness about how special Nairobi National Park is. Our challenge is to communicate and create understanding of the value that the park provides to the residents of Nairobi.

Ahmed Salim of Fluid Tees talked about an image makeover and presented the beautiful new membership cards.

Photographer Paolo Torchio offered FoNNaP to use his pictures for the campaign.

We discussed a major fund raising event next July and a membership drive to go with it. WE agreed that all members should recruit one new member each month.

Dino Martins discussed the importance of science in conservation and disclosed plans for improving the citizen science in the game counts, bird watches, insect information and human-wildlife conflict resolution.

The community living around Nairobi Park are ready to invest in workable solutions said Enoch Mobisa who has been doing  survey in the Kitengela. David Matiku who runs the Wildlife Foundation office which manages a land lease program talked about the training of local scouts.

Paolo Torchio runs the honorary warden program in FoNNaP and invited other members to join him in helping KWS by patrolling the park, helping with lost visitors, and reporting any violations.

We urgently need a new computer so anyone out there with a computer that can be donated – please think of us

Members signed up for the Eating of Meat ceremony on 12th November – this may be an overnight camping trip.

We agreed on the following targets for this year

  1. Raise Ksh 35,000 every month to pay office administration costs
  2. Every member to enlist at least one new member each month
  3. Strategy development
  4. Newsletter every 2 months – first issue will be in December
  5. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with KWS
  6. Open an Bank account
  7. Develop financial systems adn procedures
  8. Produce a calendar of events for 2011
  9. Monthly meetings every last Saturday of the month at 10 am
  10. Park clean up every last Sunday of the month
  11. Plan the photo competition (anyone who would like to help should conttact us at
  12. Plan a fund raising event for July 2011 (anyone who would like to help should contact us at

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