Photos and video of Nairobi Park Game Count

The Nairobi Game count takes place every 2 months. All participants are volunteers and many are FoNNaP members. The last count took place on Sunday October 3rd.


Spotting wildlife


Individuals register with KWS or FoNNaP and once confirmed that a block has been allocated, are expected to arrive at 6 am at the Langata gate to receive the data sheets and instructions.


Recording sightings on a data sheet


On October 3rd 2010 so many volunteers arrived for the game count that a few had to be turned away! Luckily most FoNNaP members arrived early enough to be allocated a block. There were many volunteers who also arrived on foot and were given spots in other cars. Like all Nairobi Park game counts, it lived up to expectations

This video of lioness and her cub feeding on a zebra for breakfast was taken by Steve Itela of Youth for Conservation an active Kenyan conservation group.

If you have video that you would like us to share, upload it to youtube and send us the link with descriptions.

We were on twitter throughout the count and got a global following of virtual game counters. Below are some photos we took during the count – enjoy!


Some people had buffalo boogers for breakfast



This proud dad was counting his newborn chicks


If you would like to volunteer on the next game count please write to let Irinah know on E-mail: let her know the capacity of your car, if you are a FoNNaP member, if you are willing to take on volunteers, and your previous experience.

If you would like to share your game count (or Nairobi Park) experience please don’t hesitate to send Irinah a note  with links to your blog/website and or photographs. If you would like us to share your photographs send low res – 100kb, size 400 dpi pictures. To share your photos on twitter do let us know.

If you have video, upload them to youtube and send us a link with descriptions.


One response to “Photos and video of Nairobi Park Game Count

  1. I remember going on game counts in the Park with my father in the late 1950’s and during 1960’s. I think they were usually held on a Saturday or Sunday. I even remember getting out of boarding school one day to go on a count. I was at the Duke of York, now Lenana It was always an exciting time, I loved it. In those days it was teaming with game. I haven’t been back to Kenya since 1975, thanks for the memories.

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