New Board voted in at FoNNaP

Dear Friends of Nairobi National Park,

This is to inform you that we held our Annual General meeting on 26th September 2010 and we are pleased to introduce to you our new board as follows:

Chairman              Dr. Paula Kahumbu
Vice Chairman       Dino Martins
Treasurer               David Matiko
Board Members     Joanne Kinnear
David Sorimpan
Peter Greste

Enoch Mobisa

Click here to read the minutes of that meeting. The next members gathering is on 30th October 2010 at 10.00 a.m. at the Safari Walk Training Centre. The agenda of the meeting will be discussing the way forward for FoNNaP. Kindly feel free to do an email and give your ideas or pass by the office.

We look forward to your renewed commitment.

Kind regards,

Irinah Wandera

Administrative Assistant


One response to “New Board voted in at FoNNaP

  1. Here’s a response to this announcement from Ed Loosli

    Paul Kahumbu – Chair, Friends of Nairobi National Park
    Dear Paula, Sept. 26, 2010

    Congratulations on being elected to the Chairmanship of FoNNaP. The conservation of Nairobi National Park and its vital dispersal area is fortunately one of the top priorities of the Kenya Wildlife Service and organisations like FoNNaP and The Wildlife Foundation, and now we can continue our team efforts to help see Nairobi Nat. Park and its greater ecosystem thrive.

    Since 2003, when TWF’s Wildlife Conservation Lease Programme first expanded and FoNNaP’s Predator Consolation Program was established, there has been an “on the ground, real world” experiment going on, to see if providing direct payments to Maasai land/livestock owners can help protect the wildlife of the Nairobi NP ecosystem.

    In year 2003, there were 7 lions left in the Nairobi NP ecosystem, and now, thanks to the Lease Programme and the Consolation Program, the local community has allowed the lion population to expand to over 25. The Park’s zebra numbers would also not be at their current levels without the teamwork and co-operation of the local Maasai land/livestock owners.

    The Wildlife Foundation has now secured 40,000 open un-fenced acres with the co-operation of 375 Maasai landowners in the Nairobi Nat. Park dispersal area, through the Wildlife Conservation Lease Programme, more acres than Nairobi Nat. Park itself, and we hope to add more open, un-fenced acres in the future.

    The Wildlife Foundation, with funding from the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is soon going to be starting a Game Scout/Research Assistant program in the Nairobi Nat. Park dispersal area to help keep watch over the Lease Programme and help prevent any poaching in the area.

    The recently gazetted Master Plan should greatly help in halting land sub-divisions in the Nairobi Nat. Park dispersal area. Land parcels now will have to be larger than 120 acres before they can be divided in half, and no subdivisions will be allowed for parcels under 120 acres in size. We should all press the powers that be, to enforce this historic zoning/land use law.

    FoNNaP’s Predator Consolation Program has been a big part of the come-back of the Nairobi National Park lions and it should be continued after amending some of its parameters and the way it is accounted for.

    The Wildlife Foundation and its 375 Maasai partners in the Nairobi Nat. Park dispersal area are thankful that FoNNaP will soon be back in action to help in the conservation of the Nairobi National Park ecosystem.

    Please forward this congratulatory email to the rest of your new FoNNaP Board, as I do not have their email addresses yet.
    Most Sincerely, Ed
    Ed Loosli – Chairman, The Wildlife Foundation

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