Great ideas from FoNNaP members

We want to thank the membership for generating these great ideas for FoNNaP over the last ten days.


Friends of FoNNaP save lions in Nairobi Park

Click on the image to go to Will Knockers Nairobi Park blog

Clarify WHAT FoNNaP stands for – members were concerned that the purpose of FoNNaP needs to be clarified. The Board has agreed to conduct a strategic planning exercise to address goals, objectives, fund raising and awareness over the next 4 months. We encourage all our members to participate in this exercise so that we create the FoNNaP that we want. The plan will be developed in a participatory manner, in full consultation with members and stakeholders/partners.


Fonnap members cooling down in the Nairobi National Park

Membership Drive – membership is the life of Fonnap. With over 3 million residents of Nairobi City we should be able to raise our membership to the thousands and tens of thousands in coming months. Here are four easy things we can do to make Nairobians aware of FoNNaP, want to join FoNNaP, and find it easy to join us.

1.      Every car that goes into the park should be given application forms and encouragement. To do this we need volunteers.

2.      To create hype for membership we suggest getting celebrity endorsement, do you know any local or international celebrities who would be willing to endorse us?

Rhino's are pretty damn famous!

3.      Over Xmas period members to give memberships to friends and loved ones as Xmas gifts. Every new member should get a car sticker

4.      We need YOUR help to expand the membership which is essential to reviving the vibrancy of FONNAP. Members to bring one or two new members to every membership meeting and encourage them to join the FONNAP family.

5.      Make it possible for Membership payments via the website, Mpesa/Zap or via direct transfer with Internet banking.

proud of the predators on the city doorstep

Fund raising

1.      Every members meeting costs the society ksh 6,000 in coffee tea and bitings. That’s equivalent to 6 new members! We encourage members to bring cakes etc to the meetings and all members to make a donation towards tea/coffee in order to raise funds for FONNAP office. We can also sell Raffle tickets for sale at every members meeting. We will need some good prizes! We can generate about 8,000 per meeting this way at every meeting.

2.      Raffle associated with new membership drive especially over Xmas period. We’ll need organizers and prizes. The draw can be held at the membership meeting.

3.      Emphasis on getting many corporate members – how can members be part of this? By providing incentives for people to go out and sell corporate memberships. Ideas welcome!

4.      FONNAP guide book to Nairobi Park (Plants, birds, mammals, insects)

5.      Xmas ideas -, Calendars, post cards, Xmas cards

AWARENESS of the Nairobi Park – The Worlds Greatest City Park

We all know it’s true but why are we afraid to go out and shout about it? FoNNap is planning to hold an Annual Photo competition –titled “The Greatest City Park in the World”. We will aim to twin Nairobi National Park and New York’s Central Park, an exchange to celebrate and be proud that Nairobi. This will be realised through a really exciting photo competition. Do you want to help plan a fantastic event? Be a judge? Help with training young photographers? Let us know if you want to help.

Create a CONNECTED FoNNaP community. We are looking for volunteers to assist with raising awareness and spreading the word using social networking like facebook, twitter, this website, Flicker, Youtube, myspace etc .

Celebrate FoNNaP and spread the love – T-Shirts for sale online and for collection at meetings.  Ahmed of Fluid Tees has offered to assist with this.

Create and distribute Nairobi Park News Revive the FoNNaP  monthly Newsletter, publish stories on the internet


eg. for pilots to say as they come into Nairobi “Welcome to Nairobi. While you are here, we hope you visit the Greatest City Park in the World, we are flying over it right now”. Anyone out there know how we can get this in KQ, KLM and other international and local airlines?

Re-introduce positive messages for visitors to the park (eg. thanks for not littering) and simple maps at the park entrance for visitors

Hippos in Nairobi Park

Fun members days out to include special tours – eg.

a.       Cave paintings,

b.      Dudu safari (Dino)

c.       Visit communities (eg. Olerai)

d.      Bird watching

e.      Plants (Angela Sutton)

f.        Grasses (Dino)

g.       BBQ at Kingfisher

h.      Artist workshops –

i.         Photographic workshops – Peter Greste

Let us know what would you like to do on a members day out?


Undoubtedly the Worlds Greatest City Park - Nairobi


Revive honorary warden system – to help gather information on the Park for the warden. Status update to be posted on the website. We’d love to hear from members about how this worked and how it can be revived.

FoNNaP kids Involve kids more as involvement will educate the next generation… Special rates? Fun activities?

What are you waiting for? Bring out the kids!

FoNNaP Youth – we want to create a mechanism to gather ideas from young members for the consideration of the board and members meetings. So far Youth for Conservation have expressed interest. Key activities could include litter removal and invasive species removal with cooperation of the Warden.

Collecting litter during a wildlife count

Create FoNNaP Working Groups to handle key aspects of FoNNaP activities – eg. Youth, strategic planning, fund raising, membership drive, Photo competition, counts etc.

Members get togethers, eat outs and barbeques?

Cheetah sightings are rare but spectacular

Park counts. Draw Nairobi citizens into the park for animal counts, removal of invasive species, and endeavour to make events fun and educational. The count is a great activity around which we can build awareness and membership. We can offer info/training on how game counts are done, and share information about the state of the NNP. We could introduce a presentation on game count tips & practice, and also presentation of the results of recent counts in the park and share it on this website. Could we engage travel agents to use the count to market “more meaningful adventures” that visitors/tourists would be prepared to pay FoNNaP for?


Raise awareness about pollution and  the illegal withdrawal of water supplies in & around park: Empakasi Kiserian & the pollution of Hyena Dam

Address the abandonment of the east of the Park by KWS with the closure of Cheetah Gate.

Don't let the sun set on FoNNaP

You may have other ideas too – send them through to us over the next 30 days on email or leave a comment on the website, or drop a note at our office at the KWS entrance to Nairobi National Park! All ideas will be recognized, shared and discussed at the FONNAP meeting on the 30th Oct. Karibu!

From Paula Kahumbu

on behalf of the new Board of Fonnap


8 responses to “Great ideas from FoNNaP members

  1. Might I suggest a few things: membership related…

    1 – Have a formal website. It’s okay if it’s static and just a few pages. But something, simple, straight forward and well done.
    2 – Have a form online to download for membership.
    3 – Be able to take membership applications and payments via that web site.
    4 – Have multiple forms of membership. One format can be levels of membership. For a larger amount you are considered a ‘sponsor’ and get your name/company logo on the website, maybe on a banner at the park, etc and/or also single membership and family membership packages, etc. These are just starting thoughts/examples, not necessarily how I would actually do it.
    5 – DEFINITELY get that sticker done ASAP! Make some cool shirts with good design, Paula is already hooked up with some good people. A few other items like this for the people/companies who sign up for the ‘sponsor’ level of membership would be good!
    6 – I’m not sure what your relationship looks like with the park, but what if buying membership into this organization gets you 20% off park entry fees and maybe you get a voucher to eat at the restaurant when you sign up. Maybe a free park map to members (again with sponsor logos on it).

    I could go on, but that’s just a start of a few ideas I’ve got. These things could really propel you to the next level.

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  3. Thanks Neal, we are looking for someone – or some people to volunteer on really pushing the social networking side of things. You have been a star so far! Thanks. Paula

  4. this is great. im excited!!! i like the fact we have not segmented our target approach in that case anyone living in or out of Nairobi can be a member…
    the campaign of “Greatest City Park” needs to be talked about in different perspectives inters of ambiance, nature, scenery, picnic sites all Unique Selling Points… to be talked about in detail!!
    i’d also like to encourage all blogs related to wildlife to mention and link FoNNap in anyway possible – this will give us an online presence.
    The website is a MUST DO and we need to have it recognized as the official site updates events pic videos etc all should be uploaded.

    the other thing we ought to do is, show benefits of joining and spreading the word. we need to have not an incentive but a sign of acknowledgement and appreciations to the people joining. also the benefits which i believe has been covered on point 1 where Paula talked about educating what FoNNap is all about.
    i also feel we need a logo and a campaign brand.

    otherwise im on full gear for this.

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