Minutes of FoNNaP AGM held on 26th September 2010



1.      Ole Kamuaro Ololtisatti                Chairman

2.      Joan Sikand                                   Vice Chairman

3.      Michael Wanjau                            Snr. Warden, NNP

4.      Nigel Hunter                                 Observer (East Africa Wildlife Society)

5.      Anna Tufvesson

6.      Anthony Mututua

7.      Beckmann Maryjka

8.      Benoit Wangernez

9.      Carolyne Njoki

10.  Clinton Saigilu

11.  Daudi Tompoya

12.  David Matiko

13.  David McKelvie

14.  David Sorimpan

15.  Davinder Sikand

16.  Dickson Sonto

17.  Dino J. Martins

18.  Enoch Mobisa

19.  Ezekiel Makuru

20.  Francis Mteve

21.  Gitonga M’Mbijjewe

22.  Irinah Wandera

23.  James Parkuyiare

24.  James Tumpes

25.  Jo Kinnear

26.  John Kanai

27.  John Saitoti

28.  Joseph Letaari

29.  Joshua Turere

30.  Julius Tome

31.  Laurence Kisoso

32.  Lucy Vigne Camm

33.  Marco Pruiksman

34.  Moses Konchellah

35.  Moses Lemein

36.  Oscar Mann

37.  Panai Kekoyo

38.  Paul Nemanju

39.  Paula Kahumbu

40.  Peter Greste

41.  Peter Semenkur

42.  Peter Tuke

43.  Philip Nkirimpa

44.  Rodney Blount

45.  Rupert Watson

46.  Samuel Karbhali

47.  Samuel Oiputa

48.  Stephen Malei

49.  Sylvia Sumare

50.  Teresa Sapieha

51.  Tessa Goverse

52.  Wilfred Saire

53.  Will Knocker


1. Julius Kipngetich    Director, KWS

2. Wilson Korir           AD SCA

3. Inge Buchard

4. Samuel Kodonyo

PRELIMINARY. The meeting was called to order at 11.30 a.m. and was chaired by Mr. Kamuaro..

AGENDA. The agendas of the meeting were:

  • Notice of Meeting
  • Confirmation of previous minutes
  • Chairman’s report
  • Audited Accounts’ report
  • KWS report
  • Elections
  • AOB

MIN 01/2010: Notice of Meeting. The notice convening the 14th AGM of Friends of Nairobi National Park was read. A quorum of 53 was in attendance.

MIN 02/2010. CONFIRMATION OF PREVIOUS MINUTES. The chairman gave highlights of the minutes of the previous AGM but were not confirmed as members had not received the minutes. The minutes were to be circulated and would be confirmed during the next members’ gathering.

MIN 03/2010: CHAIRMAN’S REPORT. The chairman reported that his tenure was paralyzed by several challenges. He reiterated that FoNNaP’s lifeline was membership which had remained extremely low and had undermined the ability of Fonnap to be effective.  Members needed to participate more in game counts and monthly gatherings. He reported that membership numbers were very low and declining.

The status and sustainability of the predator Consolation Program had also been seriously challenged as FoNNaP was unable to raise funds and KWS had to intervene and paid out KES 1.2 Million for predation cases in Kitengela and Empuyiangat. KES 800,000.00 was allocated to Kipeto cases and was yet to be paid. The funds were only able to pay cases up to June 2009 and there were still some outstanding payments to be made. He also noted that the office administration had no resources and no new resources were coming in.

The chairman pointed out that the main reason FoNNaP had not been able to raise funds was that the annual African Heritage Day which was the main fundraiser for FoNNaP had not taken place for two subsequent years; a proposal sent to GEF for scouts, administration and consolation scheme in 2009 had been rejected as it was overly ambitious and mixed up and had to be revised; efforts to raise funds through membership recruitment were also not fruitful as a request to have a recruitment desk at various hotels in the city had not been confirmed.

The chairman also pointed out that the board was ineffective and that he had not managed to have a full board meeting as board members never showed up for meetings. He would only have a quorum of three which was not in a position to function effectively.

Despite these impediments, he said that FoNNaP was in constant communication with the community and KWS and had participated in events in support of the park such as the Nairobi Green Line Project.


The chairman requested that the meeting defer this agenda as the treasurer was away on official duty and financial report was in his custody. Several members expressed concern that no accounts were presented. Mr. Kamuaro assured them that the accounts would be presented at the next members meeting once the treasurer returned from overseas in October. It was agreed that every effort would be made to share the accounts with members before the next meeting. Mr. Kamuaro was however asked to give a general comment on the status of the finances of the organization and he reported that no new resources had come in and therefore no activity in the account.

MIN 05/2010: KWS REPORT. The Senior Warden, NNP, Mr. Michael Wanjau requested to give a brief KWS report on FoNNaP which he did. He was particularly concerned with the Consolation Program and presented a few challenges which he hoped the new board would look into once it came into office. He reported that the Consolation Program run by FoNNaP had been able to reduce predator loss and when it failed and the community threatened to kill lions, KWS intervened but was only able to secure KES 2 Million which was not able to pay all pending consolation cases. He pointed out that KWS as a government institution was not allowed to pay for predation cases and FoNNaP was an important partner in conservation as it was able to handle consolation cases. He had encountered a few problems while making the consolation payments and he asked those that would be elected to look into these issues. KWS had only managed to pay out KES 1.2 Million to two triangles and was still holding KES 800,000.00 for the third triangle (Kipeto) as it had identified loopholes that had to be addressed for purposes of accountability before the money could be released. He also informed the meeting that the KES 2 Million was only able to cover cases up to June 2009 and there were some pending claims which were still accumulating and FoNNaP had to work out a plan for raising funds to continue running the Consolation Scheme.

It was brought to the attention of the meeting that KWS had a new Industry and Governance department whose aim was to regularize the wildlife conservation industry. Under this arrangement, FoNNaP would be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with KWS and abide by the provisions therein.

The membership was also asked to enter into a constructive relationship without antagonism, but pull together on issues.

MIN 06/2010. ELECTIONS. The following were nominated for the various offices on the board:

Chairman         Nick Kamuaro   Vs. Paula Kahumbu

Vice Chairman            Joan Sikand Vs. Dino Martins

Treasurer                     Gareth Jones Vs. David Matiko

Board Members          Jo Kinnear

Enoch Mobisa

Peter Greste

David Sorimpan

David Matiko

After the voting exercise, the following were elected as the new board:

Chairman                     Paula Kahumbu

Vice Chairman            Dino Martins

Treasurer                     David Matiko

Board Members          Jo Kinnear

Enoch Mobisa

Peter Greste

David Sorimpan

Gareth Jones

NB. Gareth Jones had been nominated for the position of treasurer but was not present. The members were asked to resolve on this.

RESOLUTION: The members resolved to have David Matiko as the treasurer and co-opt Gareth Jones into the board during the next members gathering.

The results for the position of the chairman and vice chair were as follows:

  • Paula Kahumbu (40 votes) vs Nick Kamuaro (9 votes)
  • Vice Chair – Dino Martins (48 votes) vs Joan Sikand (9 votes)

Only five board members had been nominated and were voted in unopposed.

The incoming board thanked the outgoing board and took up their new positions.

MIN 07/2010: AOB

ü  Nigel Hunter, CEO of EAWLS noted that FoNNaP was at cross roads given the bill of rights in the New Constitution and how they would have to engage with the local community who. There was need to review its objectives with the Consolation Program and make a decision on whether to retain or do away with it. A motion was put on the floor for members to resolve on the issue but Dino Martins, the incoming vice chair was of the opinion that the Resolution should be made at another meeting and be based on sound scientific evidence and adequate information. Voting immediately would be based on information emotion rather than on facts.

ü  Oscar Mann noted that hippo pools opposite School for Field studies were polluted. Nazarene University was disposing raw sewage into the river. He was also concerned that fences in Kitengela and quarries were damaging the ecosystem and asked the Nairobi National Park management together with FoNNaP to act urgently as the matter was getting out of hand. FoNNaP was to work with KWS to make a public complaint to NEMA on Nazarene University. Oscar also informed the meeting that School for Field Studies was no longer occupying his land adjacent to the park and he would like to support cheetah conservation. Anyone who had ideas on what to do with the land was asked to contact him.

ü  Anthony Mututua noted that predation in the greater ecosystem was putting pressure on lions and wild dogs and wanted the Consolation Scheme to be extended to that area.

ü  Dave McKelvie noted that Hyena dam was polluted with sewage and threatened the hippos. He recommended more dams be set up on the rivers upstream to trap the pollution. FoNNaP was asked to take this suggestion up with KWS. He also noted that drivers were over speeding in the park and wanted to create a shame board. He together with Gareth Jones had digital evidence and would be willing to share with KWS for quick action. Fines and even canceling of passes were suggested as the best penalties for offenders. Members also suggested that FoNNaP needed to develop some education materials for members of the public who visit and use the park to address some of these issues. Also noted were park visitors throwing plastic bottles and other sort of rubbish in the park.

ü  David Matiko noted that the scope of FONNAP in terms of geography needed to be defined. He also made a presentation on the Lease Program and shared with the audience the results of a mapping exercise that The Wildlife Foundation had recently carried out in conjunction with ILRI. There was concern over the fact that many fences had been put up in the first triangle creating a block on Nairobi-Namanga road and Kiserian-Isinya road and there was need to act urgently and FoNNaP’s partnership was very necessary. He was asked to make a full presentation during the next members’ gathering.

ü  It was resolved that the next members’ meeting would be to plan the way forward. This was scheduled for 30th October 2010 at 10.00 a.m. at the KWS training room in the Nairobi Safari Walk.

MIN 08/2010: ADJOURNMENT. There being no other business, the meeting ended at 1.30 p.m.


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  1. cograts friends of nairobi national park, for the good work done lets partner together to conserve this park

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