yesterday morning I met 8 lions of the same group we had met recently at No. 27B. Took pictures, one probably suitable for a signpost. 

The group consisted of 1 adult lioness, 2 young lioness (the one we had seen), 3 young lions/lioness, 1 male cub of 1 year and Ujonjo, now 6 years old. Another female had been reported between No. 2 and 23.

In case you go to the park please check around 27B, probably at best to the east. There could be a larger, untouched carcass which I couldn’t detect yesterday.

I wished the Scout programme would be already in place because it is possible that the wildebeest have migrated via the Ranches to Amboseli. I would like to know if larger numbers will move once a day towards NNP, an indirect proof as long as no proper scientific research is done. The breeding herds are definitely not in the ecosystem of the park, only bulls.



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