Request for Photos

Please send us any photographs you might take while in Nairobi National Park or its environs. We need photos of the park – landscapes, scenery, plants, animals, pollution, factories nearby and even those of your families and friends enjoying the facilities. If you see people driving off-road, disturbing animals, tour buses harassing Cheetahs etc. please also take photos of them and send them to us. If you can add some notes on where and when you took the photos that will help too.

You can send them to me at and I will do the necessary to compress them etc. Alternatively if you want to just add them to comments you create yourself while reading on the site. If you add some text I will gladly put that text up unchanged or edit it for you if you like. If you don’t want your name or identity associated with the photograph I will post it as anonymous too and will never give out your name/details.


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