Joining FoNNaP

If there are any of you out there who are as concerned about our futures as we are please join FoNNaP and come to our monthly meetings to find out what is going on with the Nairobi National Park and its environs. Our meetings are fun, informative and of great importance not only to our local park but to the environment as a whole. Our membership rates are as below…

Kenya Residents: (tick as appropriate)
Individual: KSh. 600 Family: KSh. 1,200
Corporate: KSh. 6,000 Student: KSh 100
Individual: $ 30 or £ 20 Family: $ 60 or £ 40
Corporate: $ 300 or £ 200 Student: $ 12 or £ 8


2 responses to “Joining FoNNaP

  1. Membership fees have been set this low for several years now in order to attract new members. This is set to change next month when the fees will be reviewed.


    Time to join is now huh?

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