Spearing of Giraffes

Dear all

something you should be informed about.

On Monday morning (21/8) Scouts reported a giraffe with a spear lodged in its body close to Empakasi School. We informed KWS, they attended to, but the giraffe died near the former Capture Base. According to the vets report the spear had injured the lungs. When it was removed the lungs collapsed.

In the evening of the same day another report came in: A speared giraffe had been found dead at one of the drifts at Kitengela river, barely a kilometer south of Empakasi School. The herdsboy who found it had no credit and reported only in the evening to the Scout Coordinator. He called the PAC people, they came and confirmed the case. The Scouts watched all night for any sign that the poachers may return but in vain. When the Coordinator Scout run out of airtime I sent him 250/- Sh.

The KILA Chairman and the Community members are highly concerned. They do whatever they can to find the culprit(s). Both giraffes have alledgedly been killed at Sunday evening or night. The Scouts play a major role in the search.

I visited the area on Wednesday only to find that one of the giraffes I had seen on Saturday afternoon in the Park at The Drift was among those killed. It was a medium-sized adult giraffe bull.



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