Scouts Training Program

This is to inform you that the Giraffe Centre has offered a one day Workshop for our Scouts, tentatively on August 15. At one hand, the Directors want to know what the Scouts are doing, at the other hand they want to learn about their needs and wishes, what training they need and what can be done to improve their performance. The Giraffe Centre supports this noble idea. The Scouts should become people the Communities are proud of. They should be also independent from KWS. Youth for Conservation were trained by the Giraffe Centre.

Depending on the outcome of the workshop other longer lasting training workshops will follow.

Eight Scouts for a workshop were found to be not enough. Ms Sepora (Education) suggested that every Scout should bring a potential Scout to the meeting. I mentioned Mr. Manza’s Scout at Stony Athi who is not paid by us but in the NNP ecosystem. Yes, very fine, he should also bring somebody. It was also suggested that one or two Community elders should take part as guests, altogether 20 people.
The potential Scouts will get the same basic training to enable them to become once a time Scouts.

Issues to be covered at the FoNNaP Scouts Workshop

  • Environmental issues & risks – Nairobi National Park and surrounding Communities
  • Education as a tool to address issues and risks
  • Human wildlife conflict & mitigation
  • Community empowerment projects in conservation
  • Identification & de-snaring process
  • Way forward

Logistics: The Scouts are asked to arrange for a night stay in Kitengela to be able to use matatus which arrive at Nairobi Nyayo Stadium at 8:30 a.m. There they will be picked up by a bus from the Giraffe Centre. In the afternoon they will be taken again to a matatu stop they find suitable. Matatu fair of 100/- Sh, both ways together 200/- Sh, will be refunded.

Language: Kiswahili.

The Giraffe Centre seems to intend to boost the Scout Programme.

An idea: Would the KILA Chairman, James, like to go with the Scouts? And perhaps Godfrey? But it is up to the Communities to decide who will attend. I have only to get informed about if everything is alright and the transport can be arranged. For Daniel, the Stony Athi Scout, Mr. Manza will be asked for arrangements.



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